Executive Board

Treasurer: Dr. Jessica Pacheco-Hjelmstad


Born in Maringá (PR – Brazil), Dr. Pacheco-Hjelmstad has performed internationally, including countries such as Austria, Germany, Brazil, and the United States of America. She has performed in Master Classes across the globe, and is an award-winning pianist in Brazil.

She graduated in 2008 as a Bachelor of Piano at the School of Music and Performing Arts at UFG (Federal University of Goias) in the class of Luiz Medalha Filho. Dr. Pacheco-Hjelmstad completed her Master’s Degree in Piano Performance at the University of Wyoming, where she studied piano with Theresa Bogard and studied composition with Anne Guzzo. In 2015, Dr. Pacheco-Hjelmstad completed her Doctorate Degree in Piano Performance (with a minor in Chamber Music) at the University of Georgia, where she studied piano with Martha Thomas.

Among her professional experiences, while living in Brazil, Jessica Pacheco-Hjelmstad was a private piano teacher, accompanist, orchestra pianist, arranger, and also a member (as a singer) of a Symphonic Choir. After moving to the USA, in 2010, Dr. Pacheco-Hjelmstad has worked as choir accompanist, private piano teacher, and at the college level, has taught class piano, aural theory, and applied piano lessons. Currently, she is a faculty member at Laramie County Community College, she teaches private piano lessons in northern Colorado, and during the summer, she is the Colorado Kodaly Institute pianist and recital coordinator (at CSU).

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